Comfy Santa Cruz x Celtek Bitten by a Mitten roskopp shred wear.

Bitten By A Mitten


Ever have an argument over who gets to guinea pig a jump or who saw that girl in the lift line first? Well now you can let your gloves do the talking for you. Our best selling mitt, fully outfitted with a 15K StormDry insert, is a must have for everyone. Keep an eye on them though or you might get Bitten by a Mitten. They come in womens and youth too! Artwork by Matt French.

  • Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon - Celtek
  • Bitten By a Mitten Celtek Shark Attack
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-Art-grizzly-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-Pro-Bjorn-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-goblin-Mens
  • colorado snowboard mittens celtek
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-art-woodland-camo-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-alf-Mens
  • Snowboard-mitten-Celtek-bitten-by-a-art-black-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-roskopp-santa-cruz-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-Pro-biittner-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-art-pendleton-Mens
  • Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-pro-swoboda-Mens
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