Bitten By A Mitten

We have asked people all over the world what their favorite Celtek product is and why. The majority has ruled it to be our Bitten By A Mitten, now with 14 different styles and 3 different Collaborations, there is bound to be one for you! Not to mention that they are one of our most comfortable mittens as well with a 15k StormDry insert, these puppies will keep you warm and dry all winter. Also this year the Bitten By A Mitten has two of our Pro team riders gloves! The Syles Bjorn and Biittner after Bjorn Leines and Aaron Biittner!


Bitten By A Mitten Bjorn.


Bitten By A Mitten Biittner.

Not to mention the Pink Floyd Collaboration, which is one of our most anticipated mittens this year! And Our Don Pendleton Art Collab.IMG_2494

Pink Floyd Collab. 

There really is a Bitten By A Mitten for everyone, we even make them in youth sizes and women’s as well! So make sure to check them out and get a pair or two or even three! Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-art-pendleton-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-shark-attack-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-roskopp-santa-cruz-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-alf-Mens

Bitten By A Mitten. 

Hello Operator

Girls, here at Celtek we know your hands get cold up on the mountain yet you still love the feeling of a glove. Mittens can be bulky or hard to grab things with. Which is exactly why the Hello Operator was made just for you! We know how important it is to keep your hands warm, so we created one of the warmest trigger fingers out there! And isn’t it just a pain to try and get your phone out or pick something up with mitten, not anymore! With our new styles, there is a Hello Operator for everyone! Not to mention the StormDry technology that we put in these Trigger fingers to keep your hands nice and dry. So what are you waiting for girls, get a pair now!

Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-ocean-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-stripe-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-unicorn-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-gi-jane-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-blossom-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-black-womens

Hello Operator.

Jet Pack – Blast Off

We love being able to hand select those who are on the Celtek Clan! So when we pick our team we want te best people out there. So when we talk about our girls team, we are talking about the best girls team out there, I mean these girls rip! A few of our team riders were in a recent edit posted up on Snowboarder Magazine in Jet Pack Snowboards new edit “Blast Off.” So if you haven’t seen it yet make sure to go and check it out! Below is one of our team riders Nirvana Ortanez reaping her Celtek gear! Make sure to check out her banger at the end of the edit!

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Dealer Locator – Tactics

As Celtek has grown to be a worldwide brand providing warm hands and stylish gloves to all types of riders, there are those core shops and people who have been supporting us from the beginning and it wouldn’t be possible to be where we are without them. So in the Dealer Locator we will be able to highlight the core ride shops around the world that help support our brand. They are the people we turn to for advice on their local mountain and area. So this is our way of giving back to them by showing all of you where to shop! These guys are our friends and know whats up!

Tactics is located up in Eugene Oregon. They have an awesome family feel to their store, as in you walk in and feel like family. They are passionate about snowboarding and any other fun activity you can imagine. So if you are ever in Eugene Oregon, make sure to go stop by Tactics and check them out!

How long have you been carrying Celtek?
Since the 07/08 season, so 9 years this season.

What is the best selling Celtek Product in your store? (or just your favorite)
Bitten By A Mitten. Favorite would have to be the Wu-Tang collab. Although were pretty hyped on the new Jimbo Phillips and Pink Floyd collabs this year.


Bitten By A Mitten.

Where are you guys located and how long have you been in business?
Eugene, Oregon. 16 years

How many store locations do you have?
1 Store in Eugene and

If you had a shop hall of fame who would be the first inductee?
Brandon Clark, our hardgoods buyer for holding it down since the beginning.

Who is the employee of the month, or who should we ask for advice when we walk into the shop?
Kameron Rich, he has amazing customer service skills and is always our top sales person.

Any shop events or contests coming up soon?
We’ll be doing our snow dance at our annual Pray For Snow Parties as we kickoff the season. In the summer we also do the Northwest Jam, at the WJ Park here in Eugene. We attract skaters from all over the country for the NW’s premier AM skate contest.


What would you consider to be the local mountain to your shop?
We are located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, so we have a couple great options. Mt. Bachelor is where most of the staff rides, but Hood is right in our backyard too. Our closest “local” mountain is Hoodoo.

Who is your “best” team rider? why are they the best?
That’s a tough one as we have some serious rippers on the team..

Jonah Owen – Watch his Transworld Nation part.

Justin Norman’s road gap on a volcano in Hawaii was pretty insane too.


Bucket List Episode 1

Hey guys the first episode of Bucket List is live!

Baldface is best described as a rider’s paradise, perched in the Selkirks, just outside of Nelson, BC. Home to the Craig Kelly memorial cross, or Craig’s Cross, and iconic runs such as ‘Scary Cherry,’ which hosted the Super Natural and Ultra Natural, it’s a haven to both pros and everyday riders alike, with some of the best cat-accessible terrain you could possibly want. Not to mention the world-class accommodations, including famed Caesars at the bar. This place is always on our bucket list and we’ll be surprised if it isn’t on yours by the end of this full segment.

Featuring Tyler Nicholson, Bjorn Leines, Ben Ferguson, Erik Leines, Jason Robinson, and Thomas Delfino.

About the Bucket List:

Everyone’s got a few things they’ve always meant to do—maybe getting a first descent, hitting your first real pow day, or taking a lap with Gigi Rüf. The problem is too many of us either never get around to it or never have the chance.

Headed by Bjorn Leines, Bucket List is a five-part series about leaving the excuses behind and checking those shred missions off the list, dropping only on


Bucket List Trailer

We know you have been waiting to see what the Celtek Clan has been up to, so here it is. Bucket List is our new film series that is premiering on  on September 16th! Thats today people! So here is a little trailer for the insane work that all of our filmers, riders, and sponsors have put in to make some quality shred videos for you to get stoked on, SO GET STOKED! And check it out! Our first episode is with some of our amazing team riders and Celtek co-founders Erik and Bjorn Leines up at Baldface Lodge along with Ben Ferguson, Jason Robinson, Tyler Nicholsen and Thomas Delfino.



Heated Gloves

So we know how often your hands get cold up on the mountain while riding, thats why we make our gloves so warm. But there are those days, or even some people out there, that you just can’t keep your hands warm period. You try to stick those glove warmers in but they are bulky, they only heats up one part of your hand, and they burn out quick. So what is the solution, how do you keep your hands warm all day so you don’t have to go sit in the lodge to gain feeling back in your hands over the fire? Over here at Celtek we thought of everything, that means Heated Gloves. Yes,  we put a rechargeable battery in the gloves with heat coils. So at the end of the day you plug your battery into the wall and BOOM your gloves have battery power to keep your fingers warm all day.

So what do you have to do to score these? Its easy go on over to our Store and pre-order them now! Its that simple, and you will have warm hand all winter long! Oh yeah they come in girls styles and guys!

Snowboard-Glove-Celtek-Illuminate-Heated-Glove-Black-Mens Snowboard-Glove-Celtek-Illuminate-Heated-Glove-Caramel-Mens Snowboard-glove-Celtek-luxe-heated-silk-womens Snowboard-mitten-Celtek-luxe-heated-black-womens

Screaming Hand Collaboration

In the action sports community there are things we grow up seeing over and over again. Whether it is an athlete, company, commentator, brand, logo, or anything else; these things have a greater impact than just being there. But where do they come from? What is their story?Jim-Phillips-Screaming-Hand

The Screaming Hand is something, in the skate world, that everyone grows up seeing. It marks Santa Cruz on the map and establishes the Santa Cruz skate company and makes it easy to identify. While growing up and going to the skate parks, the older guys who rip at transition skating always seemed to have the screaming hand on the bottom of their board. But where does this iconic logo come from?


The “Screaming Hand”, designed by Jim Phillips Sr. in 1973, and this year Santa Cruz is celebrating their 30 year anniversary with the Screaming Hand. We had the privileged to collaborate with Santa Cruz and design a pair of gloves, launching this year, with the screaming hand! Now you Santa Cruz fans can keep your hands warm in style. We are so happy to team up with Santa Cruz and be able to mix the snow and skate culture in our next years line. Santa Cruz also will have a 30 year anniversary art show for the screaming hand so look out for it in a city near you!

final poster_1 (2)



Bucket List Teaser

Alright people, we have been hard at work with the best sponsors around (TWSnow, Under Armour, Baldface Lodge, Celtek, Stance, Ovan, and Rome Snowboards) and we got to work with some of the best snowboarders in the world! So without further ado here is the teaser!




MILO Pro Sale

Tomorrow is the MILO pro sale. If you happen to be in SLC stop by and check out some of our pro team riders that will be there! Plus get the best deals on gear for this up and coming season! And the best part is its all the new stuff. So we know it can be hard to drop hundreds of dollars each and every season on new gear. So grab your mom and drag her to the pro sale for some early Christmas presents and get dialed in for the snow!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.30.01 AM 20100903Milo-1