Do you ever watch your favorite shredder in an edit and like his or her style and wonder where you can get your hands on it? Well now you can! We have a list of our pro model products just for you! So you can rock your favorite riders gear this winter!

Aviator Gloves:

Aviator glove Celtek Bjorn Leines pro model colorway mens

Bjorn Leines pro model

Aviator glove Celtek Dan Brisse pro model colorway mens

Dan Brisse pro modelAviator glove Celtek Zac Marben pro model colorway mens

Zac Marben pro model

Radar Gloves:

Radar mitten Celtek Dan Brisse pro model colorway mensDan Brisse pro model

Radar mitten Celtek Bjorn Leines pro model colorway mensBjorn Leines pro model

Radar mitten Celtek Zac Marben pro model colorway mens

Zac Marben pro model


Kazu Kokubo (Stonp) pro model  

Trippin Pro Trigger Mittens:

Trippin Pro Mitten Celtek Bode Merrill pro model colorway Mens

Bode Merrill pro model

Trippin Pro Mitten Celtek Zima pro model colorway Mens

Cale Zima pro model

Trippin Pro Mitten Celtek Change That Tape colorway Mens

Change That Tape pro model

Blunt Gloves:

Blunt glove Celtek Aarron Biittner pro model colorway mens

Aaron Biittner pro model

Blunt glove Celtek Gigi Rüf pro model colorway mens

Gigi Rüf pro model

Blunt glove Celtek Chris Grenier pro model colorway mens

Chris Grenier pro model

Philly Gloves:

Philly Celtek Gigi Rüf pro model colorway mens

Gigi Rüf pro model

Philly Celtek Marc Swoboda pro model colorway mensMarc Swoboda pro modelPhilly Celtek Aaron Biittner pro model colorway mens

Aaron Biittner pro modelChange-that-tape-facemask-celtek-warm-breatheable-dry

Hangover Facemask:

Change That Tape pro model



Powder Panty Facemask:

Aaron Biittner pro model

Dan Brisse pro model 

Gigi Rüf pro model


NRT Beanies:

Bjorn Leines pro model

Aaron Biittner pro model

Change That Tape pro model



Neptune Gloves:

Jess Kimura pro model



Maya Mittens:

Cheryl Maas (Meow Maas) pro model



Hadley Facemasks:

Jess Kimura pro model




Have you ever dreamed of what it’s like to work in the snowboard industry? Evo introduces you to the brilliant and fun minds behind Celtek; CEO and Co-founder Erik Leines, Co-founder Bjorn Leines, Product Manager Steven, Office Manager Allie, and our mascot Nelson. Evo takes you behind the scenes for a sneak peak inside our headquarters and the scoop on how the Leines’ brothers created Celtek.

Click the link above for interviews, what’s new for this upcoming years’ projects, and more!







Our redesigned Lift Line glove collection: Gunnar, Vertical, and Ace comes in a variety of styles and color ways. Thanks to the super waterproof technology material, your hands will stay dry and warm while shredding all day. This collection is great for when you want a lot of mitt and still have some money left in your pocket towards your lift ticket.





Ace black glove



Vertical rasta glove



Gunnar granite glove



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Opening day is where you want to be on a Monday.  It’s like having a cold snow cone on a 120º day, refreshing and what you’ve been looking forward to.  This is what you’ve been waiting for all summer, that time when you can bundle up and slash pow, hit some rails and have a good time with your friends.  So go ahead and take a few days off from that hectic work or crazy school schedule of yours and go take a trip with your friends to your favorite resorts.  Here are the opening dates for this 2014/2015 winter!


Flagstaff: November 28th 2014


Bear Mountain: To be determined,

Boreal: November 7th 2014,

Kirkwood: November 22nd 2014,

Heavenly Mountain Resort: November 21st 2014,

Mammoth Mountain: November 13th 2014,

North Star: November 21st 2014,

Squaw Valley: November 26th 2014


Arapahoe Basin Ski Area: October 17th 2014,

Aspen/Snowmass: November 27th 2014,

Beaver Creek: November 26th 2014,

Breckenridge: November 7th 2014,

Copper Mountain Resort: November 7th 2014,

Crested Butte Mountain Resort: November 26th 2014,

Durango Mountain Resort: November 28th, 2014,

Eldora Mountain Resort: November 21st 2014

Howelsen Hill: November 29th 2014,

Keystone: October 31st 2014,

Monarch Mountain: November 26th 2014,

Powderhorn: December 11th 2014,

Silverton Mountain: December 20th 2014,

Ski Cooper: December 13th 2014,

Ski Granby Ranch: December 11 2014,

Snowmass: November 27th 2014,

Steamboat: November 27th 2014,

Sunlight Mountain Resort: December 5th 2014,

Telluride: November 27th 2014,

Winter Park: November 12th 2014,

Wolf Creek: November 7th 2014


Paoli Peaks: December 13th 2014


Mt. Abram Resort: December 13th 2014


Ski Butternut: November 28th 2014


Nubs Nob: November 27th 2014


Lutsen Mountains: November 15th 2014,

Powder Ridge: December 11th 2014,

Wild Mountain: OPEN

New York

Belleayre: November 28th 2014,

Hunter Mountain: November 21st 2014,

Labrador Mt: December 1st 

Maple Ski Ridge: December 13th

McCauley Mountain Ski Center: December 14th 2014,

Royal Mountain: December 6th 2014,

Whiteface Mountain: November 28th 2014


*More opening dates to your favorite resorts will be posted

Check out our regional team rider, Blake Axelson and his full part that just dropped on Yobeat! From backcountry, park, or the streets Blake traveled the globe last season and knows how to make his tricks look easy.



Nothing to Prove edit of Midwest Street footage is out! The riders in this edit for the most part grew up in the Midwest riding anything that was in their path. Throughout the past decade or so they have honed their skills and we were lucky enough to get them on film. From down bars, to gap rails, to wall rides, if they rode we filmed it. Hope you enjoy this edit!



Bjorn Leines has been filming video parts for years and continues to be a leader in the snowboard industry. His full part from Nothing to Prove is a testament to the determination it takes when you get faced with a horrific mid-season injury. Bjorn’s snaps both arms in 1 crash but bounces back with the skills and power of a ninja. This part features cameos for Chris Grenier, Randy “Killer” Vanurden and Krister Ralles. With the movie filmed in the Midwest, USA (Minnesota) and Utah you are sure to see lots of hammer rail and powder footage.
Filmed by: Leland McNamara, Sam Fenton, Derek Combs, Mike Thienes, Skylar Nielson, Ian Rigby, Tyler Malay, Dan Tyler, Mark Dangler, John Stark

Bjorn Leines hospital Nothing to prove movie accident snowboard winter snowboarding


Bjorn Leines filming Nothing to Prove movie sled backcountry  snowboarding

Bjorn Leines pro model Radar glove Celtek warm mittens winter

Celtek Radar mitten – Bjorn Leines pro model

Celtek Aviator glove Bjorn Leines pro model winter warm comfortable leather


Celtek Aviator glove – Bjorn Leines pro model

Imagine if you were a pro snowboarder and got to travel to locations around the world and get paid to do it? Aaron Biittner is a seasoned vet when it comes to being a pro and Nothing to Prove crew got the pleasure of having him in the crew for the making of the movie. Aaron threw it down in the streets of the Midwest all the way to the powder filled mountains of Utah. Since AB had so much great footage we decided to work with Aaron and edit a Full Part from Nothing to Prove. Beware as AB makes it almost look to for miles. Check out Aaron Biittner’s pro models from Celtek below.

Edited by: Leland McNamara
Produced by: Nothing to Prove Productions

Aaron Biittner pro model Blunt glove Celtek  Nothing to Prove

Celtek Blunt glove – Aaron Biittner pro model

pro snowboarder Aaron Biittner pro model Celtek face mask powder panty

Celtek Powder Panty face mask – Aaron Biittner pro model

snowboarder Aaron Biittner pro model Philly mitten Celtek


Celtek Philly glove – Aaron Biittner pro model

Cheryl Maas Interview

Celtek News

Cheryl Maas is one of the top women snowboarders in the world, while keeping busy competing in the 2014 Olympics and traveling around the world to raising a family, we got the privilege to chat with Maas over Skype.

Cheryl Maas Olympics snowboarding competition 2014 pro snowboarder

Where have you traveled this summer? What have you been up to lately? …surf, golf? Hanging with the family?

Um no, I wish. I just had a newborn baby named Mila in April, it has been a lot of work taking care of my baby and my three year old daughter. That’s been taking up most of my summer.

Cheryl Maas pro snowboarder newborn baby

Does your kid shred? Do you travel with your kid?

Yea I just put my three year old daughter on a snowboard and she loves it, she’s a really active girl.  Yea we travel during the summer time together.

Cheryl Maas, snowboarding, daughter, teaching

What was your experience like going to the Olympics? What was your favorite part?

I have been to the Olympics before in 2006, for half pipe it was a really nice pipe to ride and fun, but it was a lot of pressure. Now going back to the Olympics, I forgot how much pressure there was, so I didn’t get to really enjoy the part of riding that I would’ve liked to have. You have to please the right people … and this time I didn’t really have a good experience, but I think snowboarding itself was great and a lot of people got to see the sport in a great way with Sage Kotsenberg winning it. They are very strict and there are not very many places to be allowed to ride on the mountain. They really only want you to hang out with your own country teammates and don’t want you to hang out at other competitors houses. But we got to show the general public how fun snowboarding is and how crazy of a sport it is.

How has your knee been since rehab or feeling lately?

 It’s been great ever since I got back on track and going to the Olympics I had no problem there. I feel 100% back and stoked to be feeling great. It took nine months to fully heal. I was riding in New Zealand for the Winter games and helped me really pushed my limits.

 Do you ever get nervous pulling a new trick? Scariest trick you’ve ever pulled?

 It kind of depends on the situation, for me I get the most nerves whenever I ride in contests. When I have the trick in my head I don’t really have time to be nervous, I just lead the way and do the trick. When you have the right feeling you know and you know yourself best so you don’t really need to follow someone.

My favorite trick I pulled was the cab double under flip in JacksonHole, Wy in 2010.

 What was your inspiration on creating your Celtek Maya Mitten? What was your main goal in your glove model? Do you typically match your other pro model products from your other sponsors with your Celtek stuff?

 Cats are really cool and they have nine lives so I think we try to be like that in snowboarding. They always try to land on their feet and that’s what we try to do in snowboarding. In a way there’s a lot behind the cat and I always thought when I was going to get a pro model it would be a cat. The one thing that I could carry out to other companies is when I came up with the cat. I have four or five different pro models with cats. Nitro, Electric, Volcom all did a pro model with cats.

 snowboard maya Meow Maas Cat mitten Cheryl Maas pro model Celtek

Do you have any good stories lately?

 A cool memorable trip was in June with Aimee Fuller and Sarka Pancochova, we rode on motor bikes to Norway to go to a glacier Folgefonna. We brought tents to sleep in and it was pretty cool. I was looking forward to this trip the whole season and there’s a video coming out in October about the story.

Cheryl Maas pro snowboarder Norway trip

What are your plans for this winter?

It’s kind of up in the air, but I want to go back to Jackson Hole, Wy for a couple of weeks.

What is your favorite food?


Cheryl Maas pro snowboarder World Snowboard Tour competition


Cheryl Maas pro snowboarder won 2nd podium World Snowboard Tour Competition


Imagine being able to ride with your friends all season and making a movie out of it?! That’s what we did and this full movie, Part 2 is all about UTAH riding. The Celtek team and friends hit up the Backcountry, side country, resort riding, camping and more in efforts to see how much fun we can have. During the filming riders like Chris Grenier, Aaron Biittner and Bjorn Leines step it way up and show us why they get paid to snowboard. From heli-cam footy all the way thru to POV clips our main Director of Photography, Leland McNamara killed it. Enjoy and remember.. theirs Nothing to Prove! Just go out there and have fun with your friends!