Bitten By A Mitten Review

We have asked people all over the world what their favorite Celtek product is and why. The majority has ruled it to be our Bitten By A Mitten, now with 14 different styles and 3 different Collaborations, there is bound to be one for you! Not to mention that they are one of our most comfortable mittens as well with a 15k StormDry insert, these puppies will keep you warm and dry all winter. Also this year the Bitten By A Mitten has two of our Pro team riders gloves! The Syles Bjorn and Biittner after Bjorn Leines and Aaron Biittner!


Bitten By A Mitten Bjorn.


Bitten By A Mitten Biittner.

Not to mention the Pink Floyd Collaboration, which is one of our most anticipated mittens this year! And Our Don Pendleton Art Collab.IMG_2494

Pink Floyd Collab. 

There really is a Bitten By A Mitten for everyone, we even make them in youth sizes and women’s as well! So make sure to check them out and get a pair or two or even three! Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-art-pendleton-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-shark-attack-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-roskopp-santa-cruz-Mens Snowboard-Mitten-Celtek-Bitten-by-a-mitten-alf-Mens

Bitten By A Mitten.