Celtek started in the basement of the Leines brothers house in the early 2000’s.  Both Erik and Bjorn Leines were riding as professional snowboarders at that time and were living at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT with Snowbird as their home mountain.  Together they had grown up riding their boards on the tiny hills of Minnesota and eventually the unlimited mountains of Utah.  Globe-trotting the world to find the best snow or compete in the X-Games became a paid profession.  Sponsors included Volcom, Nixon, Forum, Vans, Oakley and more.  There were so many benefits riding for these brands outside of the free products and paychecks.  Bjorn and Erik were getting taught the “business side” of the industry meeting snowboard dealers, product developers, reps, other professional riders and powerhouse industry leaders.  Since they were brought up in a family owned business and with the “school of hard knocks” education on the snow industry, together they decided that it was time to start a brand of their own.  At the time they felt like the snow industry was missing out on creative, technical, art-driven accessories… primarily gloves, facemasks and headwear.

The brother’s brought this idea to their industry sponsors and received tons of support to pursue this new brand idea.  In 2003, the first year Celtek shipped 3 glove styles to about 20 dealers in the USA and opened up Japanese distribution.  Bjorn and Erik always say the shops supported them in the beginning because of their reputation as the products were just starting to take shape.  Each year the product continues to improve with the help of in-house team and great designers like Dave Doman, Matt French, Pete Panciera, Dustin Ortiz.  Also with the influence of the top pro’s they were able to cement what Celtek stand’s for.  The brand prides itself on quality product with unique designs that will always improve your session with technical features that are beyond anything else on the market.  Celtek will continue to evolve and plans to incorporate the brand into the other passions like surf, bike and skate.  Celtek has moved it’s global headquarters to San Clemente, CA and currently offices with Stance.

Bjorn remains one of the top pro-riders out there and continues to travel the world promoting the products and testing them in the most extreme climates and conditions. In early 2009 Erik went full-time at Celtek as the CEO to take the company out of “hobby stage” and to the next level.  He enjoy’s surfing pretty much everyday before work and get’s to Baldface Lodge or Snowbird when the snow falls. Stay tuned for the future of Celtek as the brand continues to evolve.  Celtek is now shipping to 24 countries globally is sold in 1000’s of core shops and has amazing customers all over the world.