Cheryl Maas Interview

Cheryl Maas Interview

Cheryl Maas is one of the top women snowboarders in the world, while keeping busy competing in the 2014 Olympics and traveling around the world to raising a family, we got the privilege to chat with Maas over Skype.

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Where have you traveled this summer? What have you been up to lately? …surf, golf? Hanging with the family?

Um no, I wish. I just had a newborn baby named Mila in April, it has been a lot of work taking care of my baby and my three year old daughter. That’s been taking up most of my summer.

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Does your kid shred? Do you travel with your kid?

Yea I just put my three year old daughter on a snowboard and she loves it, she’s a really active girl.  Yea we travel during the summer time together.

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What was your experience like going to the Olympics? What was your favorite part?

I have been to the Olympics before in 2006, for half pipe it was a really nice pipe to ride and fun, but it was a lot of pressure. Now going back to the Olympics, I forgot how much pressure there was, so I didn’t get to really enjoy the part of riding that I would’ve liked to have. You have to please the right people … and this time I didn’t really have a good experience, but I think snowboarding itself was great and a lot of people got to see the sport in a great way with Sage Kotsenberg winning it. They are very strict and there are not very many places to be allowed to ride on the mountain. They really only want you to hang out with your own country teammates and don’t want you to hang out at other competitors houses. But we got to show the general public how fun snowboarding is and how crazy of a sport it is.

How has your knee been since rehab or feeling lately?

 It’s been great ever since I got back on track and going to the Olympics I had no problem there. I feel 100% back and stoked to be feeling great. It took nine months to fully heal. I was riding in New Zealand for the Winter games and helped me really pushed my limits.

 Do you ever get nervous pulling a new trick? Scariest trick you’ve ever pulled?

 It kind of depends on the situation, for me I get the most nerves whenever I ride in contests. When I have the trick in my head I don’t really have time to be nervous, I just lead the way and do the trick. When you have the right feeling you know and you know yourself best so you don’t really need to follow someone.

My favorite trick I pulled was the cab double under flip in JacksonHole, Wy in 2010.

 What was your inspiration on creating your Celtek Maya Mitten? What was your main goal in your glove model? Do you typically match your other pro model products from your other sponsors with your Celtek stuff?

 Cats are really cool and they have nine lives so I think we try to be like that in snowboarding. They always try to land on their feet and that’s what we try to do in snowboarding. In a way there’s a lot behind the cat and I always thought when I was going to get a pro model it would be a cat. The one thing that I could carry out to other companies is when I came up with the cat. I have four or five different pro models with cats. Nitro, Electric, Volcom all did a pro model with cats.

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Do you have any good stories lately?

 A cool memorable trip was in June with Aimee Fuller and Sarka Pancochova, we rode on motor bikes to Norway to go to a glacier Folgefonna. We brought tents to sleep in and it was pretty cool. I was looking forward to this trip the whole season and there’s a video coming out in October about the story.

Cheryl Maas pro snowboarder Norway trip

What are your plans for this winter?

It’s kind of up in the air, but I want to go back to Jackson Hole, Wy for a couple of weeks.

What is your favorite food?


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