Dealer Locator – Blue and Gold Board Shop

As Celtek has grown to be a worldwide brand providing warm hands and stylish gloves to all types of riders, there are those core shops and people who have been supporting us from the beginning and it wouldn’t be possible to be where we are without them. So in the Dealer Locator we will be able to highlight the core ride shops around the world that help support our brand. They are the people we turn to for advice on their local mountain and area. So this is our way of giving back to them by showing all of you where to shop! These guys are our friends and know whats up!

Blue and Gold Board Shop up in Alaska is our dealer locator this week. These guys have been killing it ever since they opened their doors. They are all about keeping things local and supporting their fellow Alaskan riders, I mean how many other board shops have events every week for their customers? So we asked them some questions to see why they are so rad and what the story of their store is!

How long have you been carrying Celtek?

This is our first year carrying Celtek but I’ve known Erik and Bjorn for almost 20 years. Their love, passion, and dedication to  snowboarding is what we feel is important to represent in our shop.

What is the best selling Celtek Product in your store? (or just your favorite)

I’m pretty sure the gloves and mitts with the Grizzly, or Brown Bear as we call them in AK, are going to be a favorite up here.


Bitten By A Mitten Grizzly.

Where are you guys located and how long have you been in business?

We are located on the south side of Anchorage, AK. 11124 Old Seward Highway #700 to be exact. We’ve been open about 2 and a half months. We’re just babies as far as the shop goes but I grew up in AK and repped it hard for my entire pro snowboard career.

How many store locations do you have?

We have one location right now as we plot our Alaskan domination.

If you had a shop hall of fame who would be the first inductee?

Jay and Scott Liska. Those are the two that started Boarderline in 1989. They werent the first to have a shop in AK but they were, in my opinion, the most influential and groundbreaking during the most important time of growth in snowboarding. They created a scene and a community that helped me reach my goals in snowboarding and influenced me to open this shop.

Who is the employee of the month, or who should we ask for advice when we walk into the shop?

We’re a tiny family at this point but everyone brings something to the table. Dakota is an up and coming ripper that crushes the rail scene so he’s our go-to for anything core or street related. He’s also a hell of a skater. Tim is a master of retail information. He studies a lot so he can give you accurate info on the tech of just about anything in the store. He’s great with people and kids. He’s a gifted skater, a true natural, but he’s chosen to stick with the shop because he loves the retail experience and making it special for people interested in the boarding lifestyle. My wife Kelly is the positive bundle of stoke. She’s so excited to share our philosophy and goals with everyone that will listen. She’s also our tech support. She knows the POS like the back of her hand and we would be crippled without her. I’m the guy thats been doing it for a quarter of a century. I’m the leader taking us into battle and the battle is to make sure our boardsport community grows and thrives. I’m the guy that will do what ever I can to make sure that your interaction with sideways standing activities is a positive one.

Any shop events or contests coming up soon?

We are extremely events oriented. We host throwback thursday movie night ever thursday, we host avalanche awareness and split-board speaking engagements, we hold movie premiers, and as soon as the snow is down we will have on hill events. Just check our FB, insta, or web page for events.


What would you consider to be the local mountain to your shop?

All 3 of the ski areas are within 30 minutes of the shop and there is backcountry everywhere.

Who is your “best” team rider? why are they the best?

Caleb Kinnear would be our best team rider because he’s got the fire to ride every chance he gets and he’s a good person (and he’s the only official snow team rider so far). The team will grow in time but we chose Caleb first because of how rad of a person he is and his stoke for snowboarding.