Dealer Locator – World Boards

As Celtek has grown to be a worldwide brand providing warm hands and stylish gloves to all types of riders, there are those core shops and people who have been supporting us from the beginning and it wouldn’t be possible to be where we are without them. So in the Dealer Locator we will be able to highlight the core ride shops around the world that help support our brand. They are the people we turn to for advice on their local mountain and area. So this is our way of giving back to them by showing all of you where to shop! These guys are our friends and know whats up!

World Boards Snowboard and Skateboard shop is in the heart of Bozeman Montana. These guys charge and love to shred just as much as anyone else on this earth, if not more. Always helping out the community and if you are ever looking for a great place to get set up for the winter, World Boards is a great place to go!

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How long have you been carrying Celtek?

Since they started, can’t remember the date.

What is the best selling Celtek Product in your store? (or just your favorite)

It will be the Pink Floyd gloves!

Where are you guys located and how long have you been in business?

In the dead center of Bozeman Montana, just off the corner of 7th and Main.

How many store locations do you have?


If you had a shop hall of fame who would be the first inductee?

Wave Rave


Who is the employee of the month, or who should we ask for advice when we walk into the shop?

Coops is the man!

Any shop events or contests coming up soon?

The Absinthe Movie premier and Hot Dogs and Hot Wax in the parking lot next month.

Schutz top 4th Virtue

What would you consider to be the local mountain to your shop?

Bridger Bowl

Who is your “best” team rider? why are they the best?

Rob Kingwill has been with us since the beginning in 1993. He is a true riders rider who passionately rips with a good attitude. Love that guy!