Hello Operator Review

Girls, here at Celtek we know your hands get cold up on the mountain yet you still love the feeling of a glove. Mittens can be bulky or hard to grab things with. Which is exactly why the Hello Operator was made just for you! We know how important it is to keep your hands warm, so we created one of the warmest trigger fingers out there! And isn’t it just a pain to try and get your phone out or pick something up with mitten, not anymore! With our new styles, there is a Hello Operator for everyone! Not to mention the StormDry technology that we put in these Trigger fingers to keep your hands nice and dry. So what are you waiting for girls, get a pair now!

Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-ocean-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-stripe-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-unicorn-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-gi-jane-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-blossom-womens Snowboard-trigger-mitten-Celtek-hello-operator-black-womens

Hello Operator.