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One Year Limited Warranty

CELTEK is proud to operate at a less than 1% return rate. In the rare case that you received CELTEK merchandise with a Manufacturer Defect, please read on and fill out the form below to submit your warranty claim.
We will repair or replace any product that has been determined by CELTEK to have a manufacture defect. CELTEK will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of loss or use of product. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 1.866.473.3331

Warranty Requirements

. An original purchase receipt from a CELTEK authorized dealer. Purchase of the Celtek product must be within one year of todays date.
. You must be the original purchaser. The warranty will not cover any resale items.
. All coverage under this warranty is void if any modification, change or alteration is made. No adding pins, patches, studs or stitches in an attempt to bedazzle your product.
. Repaired or replaced products are covered for the remainder of the original warranty only.

List of items NOT covered under this warranty

. Damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect. As in using them for swimming, horse back riding, golf, fishing, cooking, tree trimming, fighting bears, etc.
. Losing one glove or mitten.
. Normal wear and tear, cigarette burns, bee stings, knife fight, honey badger attacks, breakdance fighting, typhoon or tropical storm rafting, angry girlfriends ripping them apart, fighting evil wizards atop a mountain, etc.
. Pretty much anything that is not a manufacture defect is not covered.